Career Advice Hotline

This year has been extremely challenging for everyone.

The pandemic has forced many of us into stressful working dynamics, while the economic downturn has caused widespread layoffs and furloughs. But all hope is not lost. As we look toward 2021, we want to ensure that all of us have the right tools to succeed professionally. This is why this volunteer-led career advice hotline was created.

If you’re a person of color who is looking for a job, interested in learning new skills, or worried about where your career is going, this resource is for you.

Sign up today to connect with a marketing leader who can provide insight and direction for your next move.

How it works

Numbered bullet point one Sign up for a 30- or 60-minute session using this form.
Numbered bullet point two You’ll be paired with a marketing leader and receive a calendar invite.
Numbered bullet point three Your 1-to-1 session will be conducted via Zoom with a volunteer advisor.

Get the most out of the session

Bullet point Have a pointed question or specific issue you want to discuss.
Bullet point It’s a safe space — be transparent and open to feedback.
Bullet point Ask follow-up questions for clarity.
Bullet point Be respectful of your advisor’s time.
Bullet point Thank your advisor and ask if you can connect, if needed.
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